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2011 Moscato di Canelli Available



2011 Moscato di Canelli,* New Release*

Price: $25.00

*New Release
This year's conditions were good for making a bright and mouth-coating dessert wine whose aromas of orange blossom, nutmeg and apricot are sure to charm.  Beneath the floral and fruit aromas is a suggestion of toasty oak and a velvety texture that lasts and lasts.  Wonderful with fruit tarts and delicate desserts.  Chill Benessere Moscato di Canelli and serve it as an aperitif with savory treats. 

Benessere continues to craft an elegant and beautiful wine with this varietal.
Technical Notes:
Vineyard - St. Helena Estate
Harvest Date - October 21, 2011                                                                                    Residual Sugar 5.8%                                                                                                            Finished pH - 3.33
Finished TA - 7.4 grams per liter
Alcohol - 11.6% by volume                                                                                              Bottle Size: 375ML                                                                                                          
Production - 60 cases

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