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2011 Sorridente



2011 Sorridente

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Vintage 2011 was one of those years that winemakers dream about but rarely experience: little or no frost, a jump on summer, few one-hundred-degree days, and mild, even weather during harvest.  The crop size was normal, and came in later than the two previous vintages by as much as two weeks.  The fruit developed maturity and varietal intensity at lower Brix levels, resulting in balanced, flavorful wines of great character.

Sorridente means smiling in Italian, and blending this wine is certainly fun. After we identify the varieties to blend, we taste each barrel to find the ones with just the right character for this wine. For the 2011 Sorridente, we chose 4 barrels of Merlot, 3 of Aglianico and 1 of Syrah. Once we determined the blend composition we returned the wine to barrel to allow the components to “marry” before bottling in June, 2013.

The 2011 Sorridente is a clear garnet. The Merlot provides a framework of delicate tannins and black cherry aromas. Aglianico adds blueberry and strawberry flavors, as well as exotic spice notes and a firmer tannin profile. The Syrah seduces with its black raspberry, sandalwood and allspice notes. The blend provides a wine that is entrancing and compelling – sure to bring a smile to your face!

It’s a delightful wine to sip on its own but it pairs best with food as complex as it is. Try it with grilled shrimp with romesco sauce, a juicy burger smothered in blue cheese or an artichoke and asparagus lasagna.

- Matt Reid, Winemaker

Technical Notes:
Blend Composition:  50 % Merlot, 38 % Aglianico and 12 % Syrah
Finished TA:  5.8 grmas per liter
Finished pH:  3.70
Alcohol:  14.1 % by volume
Production:  224 cases

Wine Club Members:  Contact the winery directly for a special offering on the 2011 Sorridente.

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