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Cheese Platter

(Cheese platter)

Cheese Platter - $20

Enjoy a selection of cheeses that were chosen to compliment the Benessere Vineyard wines.

Nicassio Foggy Morning- This fresh cow’s milk cheese from the Lafranchi family, in Marin County, was named the Best Fromage Blanc style cheese in North America and is 100% organic. Meant to be enjoyed immediately after it’s produced, this rindless cheese is a perfect compliment with crisp wines.

Prairie Breeze Cheddar- From Milton Creamery in Iowa, this white Cheddar is made from vegetarian rennet and is aged a minimum of 9 months. Made from pasteurized cow’s milk, it’s grassy, creamy, and mild with a slight crunch.

Piave Vecchio- Produced since 1960, this hard, pasteurized cow’s milk cheese is from Veneto, Italy. Aged for 12 months, this Parmesan-Reggiano style cheese is named for a nearby river, and is DOC protected.

Serves 2 to 3ppl

Wine & Cheese Pairing - $35 per person

Taste five cheeses picked specifically to pair with five of our current release wines; Pinot Grigio, Rosato di Sangiovese, Sangiovese, Black Glass Zinfandel and Phenomenon

2019 Pinot Grigio paired with: Tomme Brebis Vache (Cow / Sheep’s Milk Blend, Pyrenees)

2019 Rosato di Sangiovese paired with: Sky Hill (Goat’s Milk, Napa Valley)

2017 Sangiovese paired with: Monte Grappa (Aged Cow’s Milk, Veneto, Northern Italy)

2017 ‘Black Glass Vineyard’ Zinfandel paired with: Piave Vecchio (Cow’s Milk, Italy)

2016 Phenomenon paired with: Seascape (Cow / Goat Blend, Central Coast, California)

Please email to reserve your Wine & Cheese Pairing

Must be ordered at least 48 hours in advance

Wine & Chocolate Truffle Pairing - $32 per person

Enjoy a selection of chocolate truffles from Anette’s Chocolate that pair with our current release wines; Pinot Grigio, Rosato di Sangiovese, Sangiovese, Black Glass Zinfandel and Phenomenon

2019 Pinot Grigio paired with a Chocolate Covered Candied Ginger truffle - Candied ginger covered in 58% dark chocolate

2019 Rosato di Sangiovese paired with a White Chocolate Covered Apricot truffle - Tart apricots in a creamy white center, hand dipped in European white chocolate.

2017 Sangiovese paired with the Sabori chocolate truffle - This chocolate consists of three distinct layers.  The bottom is a thin layer of chewy vanilla caramel, followed by a layer of marzipan which adds a wonderful almond nuttiness and the final layer is a truffle consisting of dark chocolate, cabernet wine and bits of tart cherry. The layers are hand cut into squares and covered with an outer shell of 58% dark chocolate.

2017 'Black Glass Vineyard' Zinfandel paired with a Tart Cherry Chocolate truffle - 56% dark chocolate, Cabernet Sauvignon and bits of dried tart cherries are blended together to make an amazing truffle center. This truffle center is poured out onto a candy table and cut into squares.  The squares are enrobed in 58% chocolate and topped off with a whole tart cherry.

2016 Phenomenon paired with a Dark Chocolate Peanut Cluster truffle - 58% dark chocolate blended with roasted peanuts and chardonnay brittle. This blend is poured out onto our candy tables and cut into squares. Each square is enrobed in 58% dark chocolate.

Enjoy the chocolate by themselves - $12 per box

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